Bay Area Medical Training First Aid CPR AED Certification

Bay Area Medical Training: First Aid CPR AED Certification for $69. Ideal for Workplace Compliance. Group Classes Available at Discounted Rates!

This class is for individuals, with limited or no medical training, who need training on CPR and First Aid to meet a job requirement or for personal reasons. Once the class is completed you will receive a certificate valid for 2 years from Bay Area Medical Training. This class is very popular with individuals seeking certification for general knowledge, babysitters, parents, educators, coaches, gym instructors, private schools and daycares, staff from churches, therapists, camp counselors, and non-profit organizations who want to train their staff and equip them with the knowledge needed in case of an emergency. If you are required to only have a CPR certificate and you are a healthcare provider more likely you will need an American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support Certification), American Red Cross BLS Certificate, or if your employer requires it to be by an entity like the American Heart Association or American Red Cross then you will need the American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED Certification or American Red Cross First Aid CPR AED.

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What Is Covered On This Class

Bay Area Medical Training: First Aid CPR AED Course

Learn essential skills to manage first aid, choking, and cardiac arrest emergencies. Taught under American Heart Association guidelines, this classroom course covers first aid basics, medical and injury emergencies, environmental concerns, and adult and child CPR and AED use.

Course Covers

  • First aid basics
  • Medical emergencies
  • Injury emergencies
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Preventing illness and injury
  • Adult CPR and AED use
  • Opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies
  • Child CPR and AED use

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